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OBJECTIVE Osteocalcin (OC), a bone-derived protein, was recently shown to regulate metabolic pathways in mice. Undercarboxylated OC (ucOC), but not carboxylated OC (cOC), increases adiponectin and insulin secretion. It is unclear if carboxylation of OC affects its association with metabolic parameters in humans. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS The associations(More)
BACKGROUND Lactoferrin, an innate immune protein with antiinflammatory properties, shows considerable antiatherosclerosis activity in animal studies. We investigated the relationship between circulating lactoferrin, lactoferrin gene (LTF, lactotransferrin) polymorphisms, dyslipidemia, and vascular reactivity in the context of glucose-tolerance status in(More)
The enzyme FASN (fatty acid synthase) is potentially related with hypertension and metabolic dysfunction. FASN is highly expressed in the human placenta. We aimed to investigate the relationship circulating FASN has with blood pressure, maternal metabolism and newborn parameters in healthy pregnant women. Circulating FASN was assessed in 115 asymptomatic(More)
This is an uncopyedited electronic version of an article accepted for publication in Diabetes Care. The American Diabetes Association, publisher of Diabetes Care, is not responsible for any errors or omissions in this version of the manuscript or any version derived from it by third parties. The definitive publisher-authenticated version will be available(More)
eHealth is offering a new way of delivering health services through the internet. Most eHealth applications are presented as new business arena with dubious clinical support. This research presents an eHealth system where users use technology within a home care program of patients with early hospital discharge. In particular, our work concerns premature(More)
The present study describes, for the first time, the glycosidic content of boar bulbourethral glands using lectin histochemistry. Fourteen horseradish peroxidase- or digoxigenin-labelled lectins with different carbohydrate specificities were used in samples obtained from 3 healthy Landrace boars. The results obtained indicate that endpiece and duct cells(More)
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