Judit Bassols

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CONTEXT Lactoferrin is an innate immune system protein with multiple beneficial health activities. OBJECTIVE To gain insight in the interaction between innate immune system and metabolic disturbances (obesity and insulin resistance), we investigated the relationship between circulating lactoferrin and chronic inflammation-associated insulin resistance(More)
CONTEXT Conflicting results on the effects of salicylates on glucose tolerance in subjects with normal glucose tolerance or type 2 diabetes have been reported. OBJECTIVE The objective of the study was to investigate the effects of a salicylate derivative (triflusal) on insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS This was(More)
Infiltration of monocyte-derived macrophages into adipose tissue has been associated with tissue and systemic inflammation. It has been suggested that macrophage infiltration affects fat expansion through a paracrine action on adipocyte differentiation. Our working hypothesis is that factors released by monocytes/macrophages may also affect mature adipocyte(More)
BACKGROUND Lactoferrin, an innate immune protein with antiinflammatory properties, shows considerable antiatherosclerosis activity in animal studies. We investigated the relationship between circulating lactoferrin, lactoferrin gene (LTF, lactotransferrin) polymorphisms, dyslipidemia, and vascular reactivity in the context of glucose-tolerance status in(More)
OBJECTIVE According to the concept of adipose tissue expandability, the vascular complications of obesity are related less to the amount of stored fat than to the low-grade inflammation that excess fat storage may elicit. We tested this concept in 7-year-old children by assessing whether carotid intima-media thickness (cIMT) is related to obesity measures(More)
The present study analyses the effects of increasing and decreasing photoperiods on the semen quality of 20 selected postpubertal Landrace boars. The boars were exposed, throughout 75 days, to increasing and decreasing photoperiods of natural light, a constant temperature of 21 +/- 1 degrees C and 60-70% of humidity, fed with a nutritious diet and,(More)
The aim of this study was to design a simple and reliable method for the simultaneous evaluation of the nucleus, the acrosome, and the mitochondrial sheath of boar spermatozoa. Sperm samples coming from healthy and sexually mature Pietrain boars were incubated with two nuclear fluorochromes--bis-benzamide specific for viable cells, and propidium iodide(More)
The morphological features of boar bulbourethral glands were examined by light and transmission microscopy. Bulbourethral glands are compound tubuloalveolar glands surrounded by a capsule of dense connective tissue and arranged in multiple lobules formed by endpieces and excretory ducts. Endpieces and excretory ducts are both lined by a single epithelium of(More)
CONTEXT Very limited information is available regarding the function of human thyroid hormone responsive Spot 14 (human S14, hS14) in adipogenesis and human adiposity. OBJECTIVE To evaluate hS14 levels during differentiation of human pre-adipocytes, in human fat depots and isolated fat cells. DESIGN This was a cross-sectional study. SUBJECTS A total(More)
The present study describes the morphological features of the eight stages of the seminiferous epithelium in Landrace boars according to the tubular morphology method, as well as their relative frequency, length, and duration. In Landrace boars the pre-meiotic stages occupied the 31.9 +/- 19.9% of the spermatogenic cycle and had a total length of 1788.8 +/-(More)