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What is done with missing data? Does the missingness mechanism matter? Is it a good idea to just use the default options in the major statistical packages? Even some highly trained statisticians do this, so can the non-statistician analysing their own data cope with some of the better techniques for handling missing data? This paper shows how the mean and(More)
While we all may live longer than we once did, is the quality of life better than it may have been some years ago? Do all New Zealanders enjoy the same level of health status regardless of gender and ethnic background? If there are differences, then what is of interest here is all living in New Zealand enjoy the same access to health care and services, and(More)
It has previously been shown that 4S RNA is transported in the optic nerve of the chick, but that no movement of rRNA can be detected. The 4S component behaved as though it were composed mainly of transfer RNA (tRNA), but the possibility remained that it could contain significant amounts of material resulting from RNA degradation. The transport of this 4S(More)
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