Jude Rosenthal

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Inheritance of a defect in a neuronal mechanism that regulates response to auditory stimuli was studied in nine families with multiple cases of schizophrenia. The defect, a decrease in the normal inhibition of the P50 auditory-evoked response to the second of paired stimuli, is associated with attentional disturbances in schizophrenia. Decreased P50(More)
A large multiplex schizophrenia pedigree ascertained from the Micronesian nation of Palau was genotyped with 406 microsatellite DNA markers evenly distributed throughout the genome. Assuming autosomal dominant inheritance, the highest genome-wide lod scores were found for DNA loci mapping to 2p13–14; the maximum lod score was 2.17 (theta = 0.05) at D2S441.(More)
A female baby with multiple congenital malformations was born to a father previously known as a carrier of reciprocal translocation, t(1;18)(q25;p11). Her chromosome constitution was 46,XX,-18,der18,t(1;18)(q25;p11)pat, namely, partial duplication 1q25----qter. The main manifestations were: macrocephaly, hirsutism, camptodactyly, eye defects, lymphedema,(More)
In a previous study, a genome scan of a subset of schizophrenia families from Palau, Micronesia gave evidence suggestive of linkage to microsatellite markers at 2p13-14. In addition, in a large extended multiplex pedigree (K1583), an 11 cM 2p13-14 haplotype segregated with the illness in eight distantly related schizophrenics. The haplotype region includes(More)
Dorsal retinal fate is established early in eye development, via expression of spatially restricted dorsal-specific transcription factors in the optic vesicle; yet the events leading to initiation of dorsal fate are not clear. We hypothesized that induction of dorsal fate would require an extraocular signal arising from a neighboring tissue to pattern the(More)
Eight multiplex Utah schizophrenia pedigrees were screened for linkage by applying a non-parametric linkage program, GENEHUNTER, using 30 chromosome 6 DNA markers. The overall maximum NPL score of the combined pedigrees was 1.50 (P = 0.079) at marker D6s281, located near the q terminus. The highest overall maximum NPL score for an individual pedigree was(More)
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