Jude Andrade

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Network management and maintenance in optical networks faces additional security challenges arose from increased transparency in optical network components and systems. A review on existing physical security breaches on these types of networks will be presented. From these some of the methodologies for location and detection will be described and(More)
Information privacy is usually concerned with the confidentiality of protected health information (PHI) such as electronic medical records (EMR). To meet the needs of highly mobile patients in healthcare scenarios, mobile devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs) are being used for storing entire patient histories and physicals, research data(More)
Next-generation passive optical networks (NGPONs) have the goal of taking even further the transmission distance (up to 100 km) between the communication office and the subscribers near the corresponding Optical network unit (ONU), as well as higher transmission bitrates (10 Gb/s per channel are under study). However, in order to achieve the NGPON goals,(More)
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