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BACKGROUND Improving the health of school-aged children can yield substantial benefits for cognitive development and educational achievement. However, there is limited experimental evidence of the benefits of alternative school-based malaria interventions or how the impacts of interventions vary according to intensity of malaria transmission. We(More)
BACKGROUND There are a number of practical and ethical issues raised in school-based health research, particularly those related to obtaining consent from parents and assent from children. One approach to developing, strengthening, and supporting appropriate consent and assent processes is through community engagement. To date, much of the literature on(More)
Sir: In patients with sickle cell anaemia (SCA), bacterial infections are frequent, particularly osteomyelitis of the long bones [1, 2]. Salmonella spp. are the most common organisms causing osteomyelitis [5] whereas Proteus mirabilis is a very rare cause [4, 6]. A 13-year-old Zairian girl with SCA living in Belgium since 6 months was admitted to our(More)
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