Judah Zizmor

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The term pneumocele refers to an expansile bone destructive air containing cyst-like lesion involving the sinus cavity proper, presumably due to obstruction of the major sinus ostium. It differs from pneumoceles described previously that have all been air pockets beyond a paranasal air sinus due to an abnormal fistulous communication, rather than expansion(More)
Calcifying and osteoblastic tumors of the paranasal sinuses comprise a large group of diseases, each characterized, however, by their own distinct pathologic features and correlated radiologic findings. The basic radiologic signs of such lesions comprise calcification, bone formation, and reactive bony sclerosis. It is the purpose of this presentation to(More)
A variety of radiologic examinations are used to assess malignant tumors of the larynx. The primary role of radiographic examination is the pretreatment classification of laryngeal cancer, necessary to select the appropriate modality of treatment. The major radiologic modalities comprise conventional lateral radiography, anterior-posterior tomography,(More)