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A Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is a communication system designed to allow the users to directly interact with external devices using their minds without using any muscle activities. P300, a component of Event Related Potentials (ERPs), is a widely used feature component of EEG signal for BCI applications. However, single trial analysis is difficult since(More)
The galbonolide antibiotics are non-glycosylated heptaketide 14-membered macrolides. These antibiotics exhibit broad-spectrum fungicidal activities, including against the human pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans. Previously, galbonolides B and E were isolated from the marine actinomycete Streptomyces sp. LZ35. By bioinformatics analysis, the putative(More)
Project the structure of the low slip test system on vehicle ABS control performance, prove the principle of the test system. Set up the dynamic model of experimental system. Based on the Matlab/Simulink, establish the simulation system of the low slip test system on vehicle ABS control performance for the Chery A3 car. In the basic of this simulation(More)
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