Juanjuan Yu

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Soil salt-alkalinization is a widespread environmental stress that limits crop growth and agricultural productivity. The influence of soil alkalization caused by Na(2)CO(3) on plants is more severe than that of soil salinization. Plants have evolved some unique mechanisms to cope with alkali stress; however, the plant alkaline-responsive signaling and(More)
BACKGROUND In order to address several health challenges, the Chinese government issued the National Essential Public Health Services Package (NEPHSP) in 2009. In China's large cities, the lack of funding for community health centers and consequent lack of comprehensive services and high quality care has become a major challenge. However, no study has been(More)
Leaf color change of variegated leaves from chimera species is regulated by fine-tuned molecular mechanisms. Hosta "Gold Standard" is a typical chimera Hosta species with golden-green variegated leaves, which is an ideal material to investigate the molecular mechanisms of leaf variegation. In this study, the margin and center regions of young and mature(More)
Sheep are valuable resources for the wool industry. Wool growth of Aohan fine wool sheep has cycled during different seasons in 1 year. Therefore, identifying genes that control wool growth cycling might lead to ways for improving the quality and yield of fine wool. In this study, we employed Agilent sheep gene expression microarray and proteomic technology(More)
The incidence of stage Ib ~ IIa of cervical adenocarcinoma accounts about 60 to 70 % of all patients. This study aims to investigate the prognostic significance of protein estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) and transforming growth factor beta 1 (TGF-β1) level in different glandular epithelia of the cervix. In this study, immunohistochemistry was used to detect(More)
Sheep are valuable resources for the animal fibre industry. Therefore, identifying genes which regulate wool growth would offer strategies for improving the quality of fine wool. In this study, we employed Agilent sheep gene expression microarray and proteomic technology to compare the gene expression patterns of the body side (hair-rich) and groin(More)
—Path computation elements (PCE's) are used to compute end-to-end paths across multiple areas. Multiple PCE's may be dedicated to each area to provide sufficient path computation capacity and redundancy. An open problem is to which PCE to send the path computation request. This problem may be a non trivial problem if PCE's have uneven processing capacities.(More)
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