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Struts framework based on MVC has brought the best code reuse and the legible code structure in entire system by far, but it has some problems such as complicated program, high coupling among layers and hard maintenance because its model part adopts JDBC to connect databases directly. The ORM characteristics of Hibernate make it simple and easy to implement(More)
Poly[(R)-3-hydroxybutyrate-co-(R)-3-hydroxyvalerate] (PHBV) is a nature-derived polyester with potential application in tissue engineering scaffolds. However, PHBV is associated with disadvantages including high brittleness, slow degradation, high hydrophobicity, and unsatisfactory biocompatibility. In this study, we sought to improve the properties of PHBV(More)
The performance of a satellite-to-ground optical communication system with phase modulation is limited by phase fluctuations induced by atmospheric turbulence. To improve the system performance, one effective way is to use coherent detection. In this paper, a satellite-to-ground coherent optical communication system with differential quadrature phase-shift(More)
We demonstrate a new scheme of generating optical frequency combs (OFC) utilizing a single dual parallel Mach-Zehnder modulator. Gaussian-shaped OFC and flat OFC with a tunable spacing, flexible line-number and high side mode suppression ratio are generated.
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