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To overcome the shortcomings of the Fuzzy Set which is a common safety assessment measure, the unascertained measure was proposed and the credible identification was set up after the introduction of the basic knowledge of the Unascertained Sets including the essential difference between the Unascertained Sets and the Fuzzy Sets. Then, the method was(More)
The methods of the real estate investment evaluation used today usually fail to solve the high-dimension data. To overcome this shortcoming, an improved PP model was proposed. The method evaluates the merits of the investment programs, according to the size of the projector function by using the Projection Pursuit method. The ant colony algorithm was(More)
In order to find an effective method to deal with the uncertainty of the risk evaluation of real estate investment, a new method based on the AHM (Analytic hierarchical model) and the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation was proposed. After the establishment of the evaluation system, the AHM was employed to determine the weight of every index, and the value of(More)
In order to overcome the convergence deficiency of the basic ACO, an improved ACO based on the direction of the logistics and distribution problem was proposed. The logistics optimization method was used to optimize the path finding in the ACO. The simulation results show that the method of optimization of logistics and distribution path is practical and(More)
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The logic reasoning plays an important role in the literature teaching and reading. The paper deals with the problem of how to grasp the knowledge of the logical reasoning laws. And seven logic laws used in high frequency were analyzed. Finally, the paper pointed out the methods of hoe to grasp it and use it freely. This study has significance in theory and(More)
Elimination of the ambiguity is the key to the computational translation. In order to find an effective way to improve the accuracy of the computational translation, the cross entropy was introduced. After the analysis of the reasons of the low accuracy, the information entropy was introduced into the disambiguation. The practice of ambiguity elimination(More)
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