Juanita M. Kreps

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The cooperation of the thousands of State and local officials in providing information for this report is gratefully acknowledged. IUbtcription covering all annual and quarterly government reports write to Subscribers Services Section. Postage stamps not acceptable; cUrr!mcy submitted at sander's risk. Remittances from forei!1l countries must be by(More)
  • John F Spencer, Marvin C Whiting, +4 authors Allen L Powell Director
  • 1979
establishes and maintains the basic National horizontal and vertical networks of geodetic control and provides governmentwide leadership in the improvement of geodetic surveying methods and instrumentation, coordinates operations to assure network development, and provides specifications and criteria for survey operations by Federal, State, and other(More)
The Robert M Ball Leotrrre Series, eatabliahed i,, 1973 (18 a tribute to the WWW' Commi.wiOner Ot saoial Eecurity. WOIl desi@Led to present the ideaa Of di8tingu*.8hed leaders in the p&t 0, rodal policu to the rtafj O, the h'octat Beourity Admidatration and their guests The lecoll(t of the lectures, pre-rented essentially in full below, coaa give@ by an(More)
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