Juanita Fernando

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We propose a conceptual framework to describe and understand mobile information environments. In our proposal, such an environment can be categorised into different abstraction levels or communities: user level, workflow level, device level and architecture level. A hospital-based example is then used as an illustration for the proposed framework.
Before a particular form of wireless communication is implemented within a health-care institution, consideration should be given to the system's capacity for transmitting voice, data and video information, as well as its reliability and coverage. An important associated choice concerns the best combination of user devices that will enable secure and rapid(More)
OBJECTIVES This paper introduces two concepts into analyses of information security and hospital-based information systems-- a Socio-Technical-Material theoretical framework and the Natural Hospital Environment. METHOD The research is grounded in a review of pertinent literature with previously published Australian (Victoria) case study data to analyse(More)
This case study of 9 information technology (IT) support staff in 3 Australian (Victoria) public hospitals juxtaposes their experiences at the user-level of eHealth security in the Natural Hospital Environment with that previously reported by 26 medical, nursing and allied healthcare clinicians. IT support responsibilities comprised the entire hospital, of(More)
The patient care context comprises outdated infrastructure, pervasive computer use, shared clinical workspace, aural privacy shortcomings, interruptive work settings, confusing legislation, poor privacy and security (P&S) eHealth training outcomes and inadequate budgets. Twenty three medical, nursing and allied health clinicians working in Australia(More)
This manuscript reports work on the first of several related projects in a series entitled " Adventures in Pedagogy ". Serious Computer Games and Applications on wireless devices connected to the Internet are commonly embedded into everyday clinical practice. Yet a review of the literature indicates a scarcity of such curricula in undergraduate medical(More)
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