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We examined brain activation, as measured by functional magnetic resonance imaging, during problem solving in seven young, healthy participants. Participants solved problems selected from the Raven's Progressive Matrices Test, a test known to predict performance on a wide range of reasoning tasks. In three conditions, participants solved problems requiring(More)
The aim of the present research was to examine automatic and controlled influences on memory processing in patients with Alzheimer's disease using the process-dissociation procedure. In Experiment 1, a source recognition procedure was used, and the patients were found to have significantly reduced estimates of automatic processing and capacity to recognise(More)
As a preliminary to the revision of the Griffiths scales, 79 examiners throughout Britain tested 447 infants under the age of 2 years during 1978-1982. Compared with the original standardization sample of 1947-1951, the 1980 sample mean general quotient (GQ) was significantly higher, even after adjustments had been made for a slightly skewed social class(More)
In a study of the inter-rater reliability of the Griffiths Mental Development Scales, the Eye-Hand Coordination and the Performance and Practical Reasoning Scales were found to show greater consistency between raters than the Locomotor, Personal-Social scale and the Hearing-Speech Scale. The latter scales were more sensitive to interpretation by different(More)
Six videotapes covering 1406 administrations of items from the Griffiths Scales of Mental Development were made, and each one was shown to a different panel of 9 or 10 observers. Each person independently scored the items and made comments on administration and scoring. Reasons for disagreements among scorers were considered in terms of these comments and(More)
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