Juana Mireya Mendoza-Vera

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Zooplankton may at times graze cyanobacteria. However, their top-down effects are considered to be low, particularly in tropical regions dominated by small-size grazers that may be unable to consume efficiently filamentous or colonial species. Recently, cyanobacteria blooms were reported in the Senegal River hydrosystem. We conducted feeding experiments to(More)
Keywords: Pseudodiaptomus hessei distribution salinity and chemical changes cyclopid predation cyanobacteria and diatom effects West Africa 16 N 15 W a b s t r a c t Pseudodiaptomus hessei is a key species in many water bodies in the Senegal River hydrosystem but it became rare or completely disappeared from two ecosystems (Lake Guiers and Dakar Bango(More)
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