Juana María Bernal

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Different nanostructured supports, based on 1-decyl-2-methyimidazolium cations covalently attached to a polystyrene divinylbenzene porous matrix, were used as carriers to immobilise Candida antarctica lipase B. The suitability of these immobilised lipase derivatives for the synthesis of biodiesel (methyl oleate) by the methanolysis of triolein has been(More)
The synthesis of biodiesel fuel from lipids (vegetable oils and animal fats) has gained in importance as a possible source of renewable non-fossil energy in an attempt to reduce our dependence on petroleum-based fuels. The catalytic processes commonly used for the production of biodiesel fuel present a series of limitations and drawbacks, among them the(More)
The greenness of chemical processes turns around two main axes: the selectivity of catalytic transformations, and the separation of pure products. The transfer of the exquisite catalytic efficiency shown by enzymes in nature to chemical processes is an important challenge. By using appropriate reaction systems, the combination of biopolymers with(More)
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