Juana M. Sancho

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OBJECTIVE To search for mutations in the coding exons of the follistatin gene of women diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). DESIGN Controlled clinical study. SETTING Tertiary institutional hospital. PATIENT(S) Thirty-four women diagnosed with PCOS and 15 healthy control women. INTERVENTION(S) Whole blood and serum samples were collected(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The early prognostic application of transcranial magnetic brain stimulation (TMS) for assessing motor and functional recovery in ischemic stroke patients has yielded contradictory results. We performed a prospective study of patients with acute ischemic stroke and motor deficit to evaluate the early prognostic value of TMS in motor(More)
The current recommendation for strict metabolic control of type 1 diabetes mellitus requires the administration of supraphysiological doses of insulin, which might result in insulin-mediated stimulation of androgen synthesis, as occurs in insulin-resistant states. At present, the prevalence of hyperandrogenic disorders in women with type 1 diabetes mellitus(More)
Anabaena apoflavodoxin contains a single histidine residue (H34) that interacts with two aromatic residues (F7 and Y47). The histidine and phenylalanine rings are almost coplanar and they can establish a cation-pi interaction when the histidine is protonated. The histidine and tyrosine side-chains are engaged in a hydrogen bond, which is their only contact.(More)
To evaluate the relative contributions of past or present GH hypersecretion and of hypertension to the cardiac abnormalities present in acromegaly, we have studied the serum GH and insulin-like growth factor I concentrations, systolic and diastolic blood pressures, and morphological and functional cardiac indexes as measured by echocardiography-Doppler, in(More)
OBJECTIVE We have used receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis to determine the diagnostic performance of several serum parameters, in order to evaluate their potential usefulness in establishing the diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in epidemiological studies. DESIGN Prospective study. METHODS One hundred and fourteen women(More)
We studied the psychological performance and the quality of life in patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma, either during treatment with chronic suppressive doses of levothyroxine, or during the withdrawal of levothyroxine needed to perform whole-body scanning with radioactive iodine, with those of appropriate healthy controls. Eighteen women with(More)
Flavodoxins are electron transfer proteins that carry a noncovalently bound flavin mononucleotide molecule as the redox-active center. The redox potentials of the flavin nucleotide are profoundly altered upon interaction with the protein. In Anabaena flavodoxin, as in many flavodoxins, the flavin is sandwiched between two aromatic residues (Trp57 and Tyr94)(More)
Flavodoxins are alpha/beta proteins that mediate electron transfer reactions. The conformational stability of apoflavodoxin from Anaboena PCC 7119 has been studied by calorimetry and urea denaturation as a function of pH and ionic strength. At pH > 12, the protein is unfolded. Between pH 11 and pH 6, the apoprotein is folded properly as judged from(More)
The human androgen receptor (AR) gene contains a variable number of CAG repeats within exon 1. Shorter AR alleles, by increasing transactivation, may result in augmented AR-mediated sensitivity of the hair follicle. We have evaluated whether the number of CAG repeats, or if skewed inactivation of X-chromosome, favoring the presence of shorter AR alleles,(More)