Juana Breton-López

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Butler is a multi-application system based on Internet technology and virtual reality, designed to meet the needs of elderly users. Its objectives are to assist elderly populations in accessing technology and new forms of communication, replicating, as far as possible the way of lineal interaction that this population group had traditionally to interact(More)
We all have an irrational fear or two. Some of us get scared by an unexpected visit from a spider in our house; others get nervous when they look down from a high building. Fear is an evolutionary and adaptive function that can promote self-preservation and help us deal with the feared object or situation. However, when this state becomes excessive, it(More)
Keywords: Small animal phobias Augmented reality In vivo exposure Clinical efficacy Projection systems Visual displays a b s t r a c t In vivo exposure is the evidence based treatment for small animal phobias. However, this type of treatment still present a low treatment seek rate and a high drop-out rate, due to its aversive character for the patients. New(More)
E-learning can be defined as learning facilitated and supported through the use of ICTs. ICTs can increase students' motivation, accelerate the knowledge process and facilitate the information access. The aim of this paper is to analyze the acceptability of three tools presented in a workshop carried out during six weeks, with university teachers (N = 22),(More)
Although in vivo exposure is the treatment of choice for specific phobias, some acceptability problems have been associated with it. Virtual Reality exposure has been shown to be as effective as in vivo exposure, and it is widely accepted for the treatment of specific phobias, but only preliminary data are available in the literature about the efficacy of(More)
PURPOSE Computerized cognitive behavioral therapy (CCBT) has been shown to be efficacious. Moreover, CCBT can be enhanced by using physiological and activity sensors, but there is no evidence about the acceptability of all these tools. The objective of this study is to examine the efficacy, expectations, satisfaction, and ease of use of an Internet-based(More)
BACKGROUND New technologies have slowly become a part of psychologists' therapeutic office. However, many therapists still have doubts about the possibility of creating a good therapeutic relationship with patients in the presence of technology. AIMS This study evaluates the development of the therapeutic alliance in individuals with small animal phobia(More)
BACKGROUND Flying phobia (FP) is a common and disabling mental disorder. Although in vivo exposure is the treatment of choice, it is linked to a number of limitations in its implementation. Particularly important, is the limited access to the feared stimulus (i.e., plane). Moreover, the economic cost of in vivo exposure should be specially considered as(More)