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Treatment of C70 with cycloalkylaminomethylenebisphosphonates in the presence of NaH gave corresponding C70 dimers 1 in good yield, while the methanofullerenes, C70>CH(PO3Et2) (3) and C70>C(PO3Et2)2 (4) or C60>CH(PO3Et2) (5) and C60>C(PO3Et2)2 (6), were obtained, respectively, by the reaction of C70 or C60 with tetraethyl methylenediphosphonate in the(More)
[reaction: see text] Electrophilic nitration, formylation or bromination of metalated 5-fluoroalkyl-10,20-diphenylporphyrin (fluoroalkyl = CF3, ClCF2CF2, n-C6F13) proceeded with high regioselectivity, exclusively affording corresponding meso-substituted porphyrins, while the iodination reaction mainly took place at the adjacent beta site giving(More)
We report three crystal structures of a synthetic 5-fluoroalkylporphyrin molecule that was programmed for self-assembly. All the X-ray structures of zincated and free-base porphyrins Zn2 b, Zn5 a, and 2 b revealed rigorous pi-pi stacking and extremely hydrophobic interactions. Other the other hand, the strong aggregation of 5-fluoroalkylporphyrins in(More)
C60 and its derivatives have become a research hotspot because of their unique structures, physical and chemical properties. The fluorescence properties of C60 and its derivatives are an important research embranchment of the fullerene science field. In the present paper the fluorescence properties of C60-glucocorticoids were firstly investigated. When(More)
Angle-tuned thin film filter is widely used in the DWDM system for its broad tunable wavelength range and high rectangular degree. The transmissivity and the half bandwidth is greatly influenced not only by the incident angle, but also by the wedge angle of the non-paralleled thin film filter. In the present paper, the influences of the wedge angle on the(More)
Three-port tunable optical filter is a key device in the all-optic intelligent switching network and dense wavelength division multiplexing system. The characteristics of the reflecting spectrum, especially the reflectivity and the isolation degree are very important to the three-port filter. Angle-tuned thin film filter is widely used as a three-port(More)
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