Juan del Rosal

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Dı́ez’s algorithm for the noisy MAX is very efficient for polytrees, but when the network has loops it has to be combined with local conditioning, a suboptimal propagation algorithm. Other algorithms, based on several factorizations of the conditional probability of the noisy MAX, are not as efficient for polytrees, but can be combined with general(More)
A Pilot Question Answering Task has been activated in the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum 2004 with a twofold objective. In the first place, the evaluation of Question Answering systems when they have to answer conjunctive lists, disjunctive lists and questions with temporal restrictions. In the second place, the evaluation of systems’ capability to give an(More)
Carmen is an open-source software package for probabilistic graphical models (PGMs), which aims at being useful for different research groups and for building real-world applications. After reviewing similar projects launched in the last years, we analyze the general properties of Carmen and how it adheres to the principles of software engineering, in(More)
Learning to use an object-oriented framework is a hard task. However, little work has been done to develop effective techniques to reduce the effort and time taken to teach how to use a framework. This paper presents an ongoing work on a Case-Based Teaching approach following an active learning process where the learner is involved in resolving exercises(More)
This manuscript presents a new free Modelica library, named DESLib and composed of four packages: RandomLib, DEVSLib, SIMANLib and ARENALib. DESLib has been designed and implemented to facilitate the description of discrete-event models using the Parallel DEVS formalism (using DEVSLib), and to facilitate the process-oriented modeling of logistic systems(More)
The combined use of Ejs, Matlab/Simulink and Dymola (with Modelica language) has been successfully applied to set up virtual labs for control education. The tasks completed to achieve this goal are discussed in this manuscript: (1) the development of a novel modeling methodology adequate for interactive simulation; (2) the object-oriented design and(More)
This study develops a proposal of method of calculation useful to estimate the energy produced by a PV grid-connected system making use of irradiance-domain integrals and de nition of statistical moment. Validation against database of real PV plants performance data shows that acceptable energy estimation can be obtained with rst to fourth statistical(More)