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Efficient decolorization/degradation of aqueous azo dyes using buffered H2O2 oxidation catalyzed by a dosage below ppm level of chloroperoxidase
Abstract The decolorization/degradation of aqueous azo dyes generated by textile photography industries are a main issue in wastewater treatment. Despite many significant efforts and numerous systemsExpand
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A novel composite hydrogel based on chitosan and inorganic phosphate for local drug delivery of camptothecin nanocolloids.
In attempt to overcome the problem of low water solubility and severe toxicity of camptothecin (CPT) after intravenous administration, a novel drug carrier system based on chitosan (CS) and dibasicExpand
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Photophysical diversity of two novel cyanobacteriochromes with phycocyanobilin chromophores: photochemistry and dark reversion kinetics
Cyanobacteriochromes are phytochrome homologues in cyanobacteria that act as sensory photoreceptors. We compare two cyanobacteriochromes, RGS (coded by slr1393) from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 andExpand
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Study on structural changes of microwave heat-moisture treated resistant Canna edulis Ker starch during digestion in vitro
Abstract Microwave heat-moisture treated Canna edulis Ker starch has been applied to study structural changes in vitro using porcine α-amylase, pancreatin and amyloglucosidase. The structures atExpand
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Room temperature ionic liquids as templates in the synthesis of mesoporous silica via a sol–gel method
Abstract With various RTILs as templates, amorphous mesoporous silica gel materials were synthesized according to a proper sol–gel method. The materials display pore diameter of 3–12 nm, pore volumeExpand
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Rapid decolorization of anthraquinone and triphenylmethane dye using chloroperoxidase: Catalytic mechanism, analysis of products and degradation route
Abstract A rapid and efficient enzymatic decolorization of anthraquinone (Alizarin Red) and triphenylmethane dyes (Crystal Violet) by a heme peroxidase, chloroperoxidase (CPO), was presented in thisExpand
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Glycerol carbonylation with CO2 to glycerol carbonate over CeO2 catalyst and the influence of CeO2 preparation methods and reaction parameters
Abstract The synthesis of glycerol carbonylation with CO 2 to glycerol carbonate over CeO 2 catalyst was investigated. CeO 2 with different morphologies was prepared by traditional precipitationExpand
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Wettability Alteration during Low-Salinity Waterflooding and the Relevance of Divalent Ions in This Process
From laboratory and field test results, it is now largely agreed that reducing the overall salinity, especially the concentration of divalent ions of the injected water, can markedly improve the oilExpand
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Study on food-grade vitamin E microemulsions based on nonionic emulsifiers
Abstract Phase diagram of water/vitamin E/oil/EL-35/ethanol system was determined. The effects of temperature and the concentration of NaCl aqueous solution on the microemulsion formation for thisExpand
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Effect of microwave heat/moisture treatment on physicochemical properties of Canna edulis Ker starch
BACKGROUND: Microwave heat/moisture treatment (MWT) is being used increasingly in food processing, but very little research has been carried out on its effect on tuber starches. In this study, CannaExpand
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