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Tolerization of dendritic cells by HLA‐G
Support is provided that HLA‐G is an important tolerogenic molecule on DC for the acceptance of a semiallogeneic fetus and transplanted tissue/organ and significantly prolonged allograft survival. Expand
Genetic variation of PSCA gene is associated with the risk of both diffuse‐ and intestinal‐type gastric cancer in a Chinese population
Findings provide further evidence supporting that the genetic variants of PSCA gene may contribute to the gastric carcinogenesis. Expand
The fgr gene responsible for rice fragrance was restricted within 69kb.
The result presented here would pave the way for both cloning and marker-assisted selection of the fgr gene. Expand
Skp2 E3 ligase integrates ATM activation and homologous recombination repair by ubiquitinating NBS1.
It is shown that Skp2 E3 ligase is a key component for the MRN complex-mediated ATM activation in response to DSBs, andSkp2-mediatetd NBS1 ubiquitination as a vital event for ATM activation for DNA damage is identified. Expand
Fecal carriage of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae in a Chinese university hospital.
It was demonstrated that asymptomatic intestinal carriage of CRE was relatively common in one region of China and the implementation of effective infection control measures is urgently required to control the transmission of CRE in health care facilities in this country. Expand
The proinflammatory myeloid cell receptor TREM-1 controls Kupffer cell activation and development of hepatocellular carcinoma.
Chronic inflammation drives liver cancer pathogenesis, invasion, and metastasis. Liver Kupffer cells have crucial roles in mediating the inflammatory processes that promote liver cancer, but theExpand
Breast cancer subtypes predict the preferential site of distant metastases: a SEER based study
The pathological subtypes of breast cancer are clearly different in metastatic behavior with regard to the sites of distant metastasis, emphasizing that this knowledge may help to determine the appropriate strategy for follow-up and guide personalized medicine. Expand
CDH1 gene polymorphisms, plasma CDH1 levels and risk of gastric cancer in a Chinese population
It is indicated that plasma CDH1 levels may serve as a risk marker against gastric cancer and variant genotypes of rs26160 and rs17690554 may contribute to the etiology of diffuse Gastric cancer in this study. Expand
Associations between cardiovascular risk, insulin resistance, beta-cell function and thyroid dysfunction: a cross-sectional study in She ethnic minority group of Fujian Province in China.
Hypothyroid subjects may carry higher cardiovascular risk than euthyroid subjects and IR and β-cell function are inversely correlated with TSH, which may be explained by the decreasing insulin-antagonistic effects of thyroid hormones along with increasing TSH. Expand
Bardoxolone methyl (BARD) ameliorates aristolochic acid (AA)-induced acute kidney injury through Nrf2 pathway.
AA-induced acute renal injury was associated with impaired Nrf2 activation and expression of its downstream target genes in renal tissues and BARD prevented renal damage induced by AAI, and this renoprotective effect may be exerted by activating the NRF2 signaling pathway and increasing expression of the downstream target gene. Expand