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Access Control is an important component of Cloud Computing; specially, User access control management; however, Access Control in Cloud environment is different from traditional access environment and using general access control model can't cover all entities within Cloud Computing, noting that Cloud environment includes different entities such as data(More)
A novel passive phase correction method for stable fiber transfer of radio-frequency (RF) signal is proposed and demonstrated. By employing only one local oscillator and two frequency mixers in the local station, an RF signal received by an optical remote antenna unit is transmitted to the local station with very small phase jitter. An experiment is(More)
Optical glass fiber shows great advantages over coaxial cables in terms of electromagnetic interference, thus, it should be considered a potential alternative for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) receive coil interconnection, especially for a large number coil array at high field. In this paper, we propose a 4-channel analog direct modulation optical link(More)
As training data rapid growth, large-scale parallel training with multi-GPUs cluster is widely applied in the neural network model learning currently. We present a new approach that applies exponential moving average method in large-scale parallel training of neural network model. It is a non-interference strategy that the exponential moving average model(More)
Deterministic design optimization (DO) may lead to unreliable designs due to not taking into consideration uncertainties. In recent years, DO under uncertainty has attracted more and more attention. In DO practice, both aleatory and epistemic uncertainties may exist, furthermore, the two types of uncertainties may affect both the objective function and the(More)
Amide proton transfer (APT) imaging offers a novel and powerful MRI contrast mechanism for quantitative molecular imaging based on the principle of chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST). Asymmetric magnetization transfer ratio (MTR(asym)) quantification is crucial for Z-spectrum analysis of APT imaging, but is still challenging, particularly at(More)
The transfer of radio frequency (RF) signal via optical fiber is widely adopted in distributed antenna systems and clock standard disseminating networks. To suppress the phase variation caused by fiber length fluctuation, passive phase correction technique based on frequency mixing has been proved as a promising approach due to its significant advantages(More)