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Chemiluminescence system for automatic determination of chemical oxygen demand using flow injection analysis.
A novel chemiluminescence system for automatic determination of chemical oxygen demand (COD) combined with flow injection analysis is proposed and has been applied successfully to the determination of COD of water samples. Expand
Identification and characterization of P15RS, a novel P15(INK4b) related gene on G1/S progression.
Sequence analysis revealed that P15RS cDNA encoded a 312-amino-acid peptide containing a RAR domain that is involved in regulation of nuclear pre-mRNA, which suggests that P 15RS may be a nuclear regulation protein. Expand
Selecting foreign language books donated by Asia Foundation and Asian‐US Bridge Foundation
This paper discusses the benefits of selecting donated books and takes some small libraries in China as examples to conduct the case study, finding that donated books include: quick arrival, lower cost, and a variety of title selections. Expand
Ethylene inhibits darkness-induced stomatal closure by scavenging nitric oxide in guard cells of Vicia faba.
It is concluded that ethylene reduces the levels of NO in V. faba guard cells via a pattern of NO scavenging, then induces stomatal opening in the dark, which is similar to that of nitric oxide synthase inhibitor NG-nitro-L-Arg-methyl ester. Expand
Structural adjustment during intercalation of macrocyclic crown ether into LDH via swelling/restoration reaction: staging formation and mechanism insights.
The treatment in formamide of the composite such as T2L+Na(2)CO(3) with staging structure shows that the transformation process is reversible, and these kinds of composites may be used as an adsorbent for some harmful organic solvents. Expand
Influence of alkaline phosphatase on phase state of the SM monolayers at the air-water interface
Abstract The Langmuir monolayer is a most suitable model membrane system to study the interfacial interaction between protein and lipid. The surface pressure-area per molecule isotherms of the SMExpand
Enhancement of the colorimetric sensitivity of gold nanoparticles with triethanolamine to minimize interparticle repulsion
AbstractCysteine and thioglycolic acid were immobilized on gold nanoparticles via established thiolgold surface chemistry. It is found that calcium ions rapidly induce the aggregation of theExpand
Influence of K+, Na+ or Ca2+ ions on the interaction between AmB and saturated phospholipids by Langmuir technique
Interaction between AmB and cell membrane is influenced by different metal cations. In the presence of K+, Na+ or Ca2+ ions, the surface pressure-area isotherms and the elastic modulus of anExpand
Mixed alkaline phosphatase/sphingomyelin monolayer at the air-buffer interface: phase behavior and morphology
The glycosylphosphatidyl inositol (GPI)-anchored proteins are localized on the outer of the plasma membrane and clustered in membrane microdomain known as lipid rafts. Among them, mammalian alkalineExpand
A new method for fast intercalation of bulk crown ether guest into LDH.
The investigation of the reaction process demonstrated that the preceding combination of TECA and formamide accelerated the swelling of LDH, and the quasi-homogeneous colloidal system promoted the facile incorporated TECA with the LDH sheets to cause their quick restoration. Expand