Juan Vicente Sánchez-Andrés

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It is generally accepted that a correlation between neurodegenerative disease and protein aggregation in the brain exists; however, a causal relationship has not been elucidated. In neurons, failure of autophagy may result in the accumulation of aggregate-prone proteins and subsequent neurodegeneration. Thus, pharmacological induction of autophagy to(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the decision making of Alzheimer's patients in a simple, classic game focusing on their capabilities to implement social norms and common social preferences. METHODS Patients with Stage I (very mild and mild) Alzheimer's disease (AD) were asked to participate in a dictator game, a type of game in which a subject has to decide how to(More)
Alzheimer patients in the early stage of the disease were asked to participate in the Dictator game, a game in which each subject has to decide how to allocate a certain amount of money between himself and another person. The game allows the experimenter to view the influence of social norms and preferences on the decision-making process. When the data from(More)
A LZHEIMER'S disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disorder that affl icts a growing part of our aging population. Progression from healthy aging to Alzheimer's de-mentia occurs in a subtle and graded fashion over, perhaps, a decade or longer. Consequently, individuals in the pro-dromal stage may often be inadvertently included in samples of apparently normal(More)