Juan Vicente Balbastre-Tejedor

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This paper describes an adaptive mesh refinement algorithm for improving the accuracy in the solution of electromagnetic problems in transmission lines. A residual error indicator is used for detecting the refinement zones, and two h-refinement techniques for triangular meshes (the longest edge bisection and the regular split) are applied for increasing the(More)
In this paper we propose the development and implementation of software tools, based on metaheuristic and deterministic optimization techniques, for the automated calculation of Dilution Of Precision (DOP) in the design procedures for Mode-S Multilateration (MLAT) systems. Techniques like the well established Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Local Search (LS) are(More)
This work deals with the selection of the best suited propagation models for computing electric field strength for exposure level assessment in urban environments in Colombia. The selection is based on the comparison of numerical results obtained using a well known commercial tool and measurements performed in the bands assigned in Colombia to the Digital(More)
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