Juan Vargas

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We have studied the effect of the administration of two doses of melatonin (melatonin 100 and melatonin 200 microg/kg bw) on diabetes and oxidative stress experimentally induced by the injection of streptozotocin (STZ) in female Wistar rats. STZ was injected as a single dose (60 mg/kg i.p. in buffered citrate solution, pH 4.0) and melatonin (melatonin 100,(More)
Constant rate enteral nutrition (CREN) has been used in 17 pediatric patients with Crohn's disease. Exclusive CREN was maintained from 2 to 7 months and progressively reduced to assure fractioned oral intakes from 12 to 22 months. From this preliminary study, CREN appeared to be as effective as steroid therapy in initiating remission of active Crohn's(More)
An open, controlled study was carried out in young patients with atopic dermatitis, who during one month received oral anti-psoriatic drug, anapsos (n = 46), or antihistamines (n = 30), simultaneously with topic applications. The activity and extension of the cutaneous lesions improved under both treatments, but more markedly with anapsos in spite of the(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Channel Islands Golden Eagle Translocation Project has been successful over the past five years due to the efforts of many people from several different agencies and groups many of whom have made the preservation and recovery of the island fox a priority in their personal and professional lives. These people deserve our thanks and(More)
OBJECTIVE The Non-pneumatic Antishock Garment (NASG) is a compression device that has shown significantly decreased blood loss in cases of obstetric hemorrhage. However, there are no physiologic studies of the NASG in postpartum women. This study used Doppler ultrasound to measure the resistive index (RI) in the internal iliac artery, thus approximating(More)
A subcostal transversus abdominis plane (TAP) phenol injection was performed on a patient with refractory cancer pain due a metastatic involvement of the abdominal wall. A diagnostic block with local anesthetic was performed under ultrasound guidance (USG), resulting in a decrease of 80% and 100% in dynamic and static visual analog scale (VAS) for pain,(More)
– Optimal operation of a country's air transport infrastructure plays a major role in the economic development of nations. Due to the increasing use of air transportation in today's world, flights' boarding times have become a concern for both airlines and airports, thus the importance of knowing beforehand how changes in flights demand parameters and(More)