Juan V. Lorenzo-Ginori

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Transmission of biomedical signals through communication channels is being used increasingly in clinical practice. This technique requires dealing with large volumes of information, and the electroencephalographic (EEG) signal is an example of this situation. In the EEG, various channels are recorded during several hours, resulting in a great demand of(More)
The DFT representation is applied, to a ordered-chaotic finite-duration sequences set generated by the Hénon mapping, for describing the order-chaos transition. This representation has the advantage that it may be applied to a relatively shorter discret-time series. The bifurcation diagram is produced and the largest Lyapounov exponent is calculated for(More)
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) applications in Bioinformatics have received great attention in recent years, where new effective methods for genomic sequence analysis, such as the detection of coding regions, have been developed. The use of DSP principles to analyze genomic sequences requires defining an adequate representation of the nucleotide bases by(More)
The problem of phase image denoising through nonlinear (NL) filtering is addressed. There are various imaging systems in which the phase information is utilised to generate useful imaging data. However, the presence of noise makes difficult to obtain the appropriate phase image. The authors apply NL vector filtering techniques to denoise the complex data(More)