Juan Víctor San Martín López

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– We introduce stochastic driving in the Sznajd model of opinion spreading. This stochastic effect is meant to mimic a social temperature, so that agents can take random decisions with a varying probability. We show that a stochastic driving has a tremendous impact on the system dynamics as a whole by inducing an order-disorder nonequilibrium phase(More)
Fungal colonies are able to exhibit different morphologies depending on the environmental conditions. This allows them to cope with and adapt to external changes. When grown in solid or semisolid media the bulk of the colony is compact and several morphological transitions have been reported to occur as the external conditions are varied. Here we show how a(More)
Bred vectors are a type of finite perturbation used in prediction studies of atmospheric models that exhibit spatially extended chaos. We study the structure, spatial correlations, and the growth rates of logarithmic bred vectors (which are constructed by using a given norm). We find that, after a suitable transformation, logarithmic bred vectors are(More)
Spatial configuration of initial errors strongly affects predictability of space-time chaotic systems. The predictability of numerical models can be adjusted by using prepared ensembles of initial conditions. We present a natural way of preparing ensembles based in using finite-amplitude perturbations with varying correlation. This allows one to take into(More)
Arrival of inmigrants from malaria endemic areas has led to a emergence of cases of this parasitic disease in Spain. The objective of this study was to analyse the high incidence rate of imported malaria in Fuenlabrada, a city in the south of Madrid, together with the frequent the lack of chemoprophylaxis, for the period between 2004 and 2014. Both pregnant(More)
Las herramientas de Data Mining barren las bases de datos e identifican modelos previamente escondidos en un sólo paso, posteriormente realizan un proceso de la limpieza, o preparación de los datos aquí se lleva a cabo la reducción y la transformación de las bases de datos, ya limpia se lleva a cabo la clasificación de las bases de datos, una valoración de(More)
We investigate the complex spatiotemporal dynamics in avalanche driven surface growth by means of scaling theory. We study local activity statistics, avalanche kinetics, and temporal correlations in the global interface velocity, obtaining different scaling relationships among the involved critical exponents depending on how far from or close to a critical(More)
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