Juan Uribe

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Our purpose was to determine if endurance exercise training would increase the oxidative capacity of the abdominal expiratory muscles of the rat. Accordingly, 9 male rats were subjected to an endurance training protocol (1 h/day, 6 days/week, 9 weeks) and 9 litter-mates served as controls. Citrate synthase (CS) activity was used as an index of oxidative(More)
In the title ternary co-crystalline adduct, C7H14N4·2C6H5NO3, mol-ecules are linked by two inter-molecular O-H⋯N hydrogen bonds, forming a tricomponent aggregates in the asymmetric unit. The hydrogen-bond formation to one of the N atoms is enough to induce structural stereoelectronic effects in the normal donor→acceptor direction. In the title adduct, the(More)
The structure of the 1:2 co-crystalline adduct C8H16N4·2C6H5BrO, (I), from the solid-state reaction of 1,3,6,8-tetra-aza-tri-cyclo-[,8)]dodecane (TATD) and 4-bromo-phenol, has been determined. The asymmetric unit of the title co-crystalline adduct comprises a half mol-ecule of aminal cage polyamine plus a 4-bromo-phenol mol-ecule. A twofold(More)
We present a TIC enabled system for online monitoring and optimization of traction energy consumption in a subway line (Metro de Santiago), satisfying typical operational and safety constraints while keeping high standards of quality of service. Subway systems present some particular characteristics that make especially hard the monitoring and online(More)
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