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This contribution introduces an efficient methodology for the fast periodic steady state solution of nonlinear power networks. It is based on the application of the Poincaré map to extrapolate the solution to the limit cycle through a Newton method based on a Discrete Exponential Expansion (DEE) procedure. The efficiency of the proposed DEE method is(More)
This paper introduces an algorithm which dramatically reduces the computer effort required for the identification process of the transition matrix used for the fast steady state solution in the time domain on nonlinear power systems by extrapolation to the limit cycle. It is demonstrated that the proposed Enhanced Numerical Differentiation (END) Newton(More)
—This paper provides the comprehensive development procedures and mathematical model of an adjustable speed drive (ASD) for steady-state solutions, transient trajectories, and local stability based on a Floquet multiplier theory. A complete representation of the ASD is employed, which includes the dynamic equation of the dc link capacitor and the detailed(More)
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