Juan Sebastian Chahda

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Specification of germ layers along the dorsoventral axis by morphogenetic gradients is an ideal model to study scaling properties of gradients and cell fate changes during evolution. Classical anatomical studies in divergent insects (e.g., flies and grasshoppers) revealed that the neuroectodermal size is conserved and originates similar numbers of(More)
Courtship is an elaborate behavior that conveys information about the identity of animal species and suitability of individual males as mates. In Drosophila, there is extensive evidence that females are capable of evaluating and comparing male courtships, and accepting or rejecting males as mates. These relatively simple responses minimize random sexual(More)
Morphogenetic gradients are essential to allocate cell fates in embryos of varying sizes within and across closely related species. We previously showed that the maternal NF-κB/Dorsal (Dl) gradient has acquired different shapes in Drosophila species, which result in unequally scaled germ layers along the dorso-ventral axis and the repositioning of the(More)
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