Juan Royo López

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Congenital absence of major salivary glands is infrequent, with only a few cases in the world medical literature. We found 30 documented cases in a bibliographic search. We report a case of total agenesia of the parotid gland diagnosed in the course of a study motivated by symptoms of facial pain and the temporomandibular joint. Agenesia of a major salivary(More)
We are putting forward a case of associated laryngeal paralysis placed among the paralyses of the lateral pharyngeal area. Due to the association of the Xth and XIIth cranial nerves we could consider it within the labelled as Tapia's syndrome. Nevertheless, the presumable viral etiology of the case makes such classification entitled to discussion, because(More)
Middle-ear cancer represents 5 to 10% of all ear neoplasms. Risk factors include chronic suppurative pathology of the middle ear and prior irradiation. Most malignant tumors are squamous-cell carcinomas. We report the case of a 51-year-old woman with this process. The ideal treatment is mastoidectomy or pterosectomy followed by radiotherapy. We made a(More)
This study considers the efficacity of the ambulatory aerosol therapy in chronic cases of the ENT area. A nebulizer, air-jet type, of 4 microns MMAD, was the device employed, and an ample spectre antibiotic (cefotaxime) a mucolytic (N-acetyl-cysteine) plus a corticoid (methyl-prednisolone) the associated drugs. The antibiotic was discarded when otitis were(More)
We present a case of cavernous hemangioma located in the supraglottic area in an adult, whose clinical debut was airway obstruction. We remark on the singularity of this case, because the great majority are present during the first year of life, located in subglottis. A review of the literature and current modes of treatment of hemangiomas is also presented.
We have evaluated the utility, indications and disadvantages of the Ultracision harmonic scalpel, in the cochlear implants, and his advantages compare to other electrocoagulation's systems. These aspects were evaluated in 50 cases of cochlear implants, made along the last years. We concluded that the Ultracision harmonic scalpel is indicated, mainly, in the(More)
Epistaxis is a common otolaryngologic emergency that is controlled frequently with conservative measures. On the other hand, more aggressive treatments are required in refractory or severe epistaxis, which may have systematical impact. About intractable posterior epistaxis, selective embolization of external carotid territory is an effective option for(More)
Two benign tumors in the face are reported. Plasma cell granuloma is a rare benign tumor that affects people at all ages and most frequently involves the lung. It is dominated by mature plasma cell proliferation. The AA. report a case appearing as a painless nontender mass in the right cheek, with purplish discoloration of the overlying skin. Differential(More)
Open laryngeal traumas are seldom seen in E.N.T., specially those ones secondary to horn bull goring. We do a synthetized study with regard to report this original case treated in our Service. We justify the paper because of the intensity, the seriousness and the originality of the picture.