Juan Rojas

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The action of gamma-aminobutyric acid A (GABAA) and B (GABAB)-agonists has been studied on the membrane potential of astrocytes in explant cultures of rat spinal cord by means of intracellular microelectrode recordings. The GABAB-agonists (-)-baclofen and CGP 27 492 (3-aminopropyl phosphonous acid; 10(-6) to 10(-4) M) caused a hyperpolarization of the(More)
The importance of opiate receptors outside the central nervous system for the inhibitory actions of morphine on male rat sexual behavior was evaluated. Morphine (10 mg/kg) produced an almost complete inhibition of sexual behavior. This inhibition was antagonized by naloxone at a dose of 1 mg/kg but not at a dose of 0.25 mg/kg. The quaternary opioid(More)
All around the world, developed countries have resorted to parametric reforms of their Social Security systems, in an attempt to lessen the impact of the population aging. In this paper we explore the capacity of these reforms to alleviate the expected financial difficulties of current PAYG systems. This is accomplished by developing a Heterogeneous Agents,(More)
This paper uses an intertemporal model of the current account to evaluate the fluctuations in current account balances experienced by Euro area countries over the last three decades. In the model current account balances are used to smooth consumption and they are driven by expectations about future income and relative prices. Three are the main findings of(More)
The standard argument says that in the presence of positive spillovers foreign direct investment should be promoted and subsidized. In contrast, this paper claims that the very existence of spillovers may require temporarily restricting FDI. Our argument is based on two features of spillovers: they are limited by the economy's absorptive capacity and they(More)
Measures of Sovereign and Bank Risk show occasional bouts of increased correlation, setting the stage for vicious and virtuous feedback loops. This paper models the macroeconomic phenomena underlying such bouts using CDS data for 10 euro-area countries. The results show that Sovereign Risk feeds back into Bank Risk more strongly than vice versa. Countries(More)
In this paper we use a large overlapping generations model with individuals that differ across age and productivity to assess the effect of privatizing a pay-as-you-go social security system in two model economies. The first one is the standard model pioneered by Auerbach and Kotlikoff (1987) characterized by the perfect substitutability in production of(More)
In this paper we use a large overlapping generations model with individuals that differ across age, productivity and native status to assess the effects on the pension system of different immigration quotas in the context of an aging population by computing how much should social security taxes be rised in order to pay for the pension burden in two model(More)