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Eucalyptus plantations occupy almost 20 million ha worldwide and exceed 3.7 million ha in Brazil alone. Improved genetics and silviculture have led to as much as a three-fold increase in productivity in Eucalyptus plantations in Brazil and the large land area occupied by these highly productive ecosystems raises concern over their effect on local water(More)
Neuropediatrician, Pediatrics Service of the Hospital “Felipe Guevara Rojas”, El Tigre-Anzoátegui, Venezuela; Pediatrician, Electroencephalographer, Epilepsy and Encephalography Unit,Clinical Center “Esperanza Paraco”, El Tigre-Anzoátegui, Venezuela; Pediatrics Resident, Pediatrics Service of the Hospital “Felipe Guevara Rojas “, El Tigre-Anzoátegui,(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the age at menopause (AM) in Latin America urban areas. DESIGN A total of 17,150 healthy women, aged 40 to 59 years, accompanying patients to healthcare centers in 47 cities of 15 Latin American countries, were surveyed regarding their age, educational level, healthcare coverage, history of gynecological surgery, smoking habit,(More)
The screen of 10 soft coral extracts collected from the Colombian Caribbean Sea in the TPA-induced ear edema model allowed us to identify Eunicea fusca extract among others as an interesting source of active compounds. The new diterpene, fuscoside E (1), along with the known fuscoside B (2), fuscol (3), (+)-germacrene D (4) and a mixture of six sterols(More)
Chemical synthesis is a complicated process that uses a large set of rules, well known by the experts in the field. A correct synthesis is a sequence of chemical reactions, selected from those included in a catalog, that must be applied to certain “initial products” to obtain a given “goal product”. The catalog must also contain information that will be(More)
More than 300 hot spring areas are located along the Chilean Andes, associated with Quaternary volcanism. Systematic geothermal exploration in the northern part of the country started by the end of 1968, followed by basic geological, geochemical and volcanological surveys in many geothermal areas of southern Chile. These studies, together with wells drilled(More)
Participants first completed a state affect checklist that included a fatigue (energy-tiredness) index and a measure of mental sharpness. They then were presented a simple memory challenge. In the first minute of the two-minute work period, heart rate responses (1) rose with values on the fatigue index, and (2) fell with values on the measure of mental(More)
s of the 2015 Engineering Graduate Research Symposium, Michigan State University 2 BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING BAE-01 Engineering At The Tropics: Reclaiming Water Through Constructed Treatment Wetlands Authors: Ronald Aguilar; Juan Rojas; Alberto Miranda; Carlos Benavides; Dawn Reinhold Abstract: Access to clean water is essential to guarantee quality of life,(More)