Juan Rodriguez-Rosell

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The behavior of a computer system is largely dependent upon the algorithms employed to allocate the system resources to the processes competing for them. Recent research in time-sharing paging systems has developed the working set model for program behavior, and a resource allocation strategy based on this model has been proposed. Two implementations along(More)
The working set model for program behavior has been proposed in recent years as a basis for the design of scheduling and paging algorithms. Although the words “working set” are now commonly encountered in the literature dealing with resource allocation, there is a dearth of published data on program working set behavior. It is the purpose of(More)
A theory of combined scheduling of processor and main memory has begun to emerge in the last few years. It has been proposed that schedulers use the working set concept to avoid thrashing. To our knowledge, no data has been published on experimental measurements of working sets or on the influence that program behavior may have on the choice of quantum(More)
The techniques of multiprogramming originated in an attempt to better utilize a computer system's resources. Multiprogramming supervisory systems are usually rather complicated and their performance is still poorly understood. Some of the reasons why performance should be analyzed are given in Reference 1. It is possible to monitor the system with hardware(More)
The concept of varying window size in a working set dispatcher to control working set size and number of page faults is examined. A space-time cost equation is developed and used to compare fixed window size to variable window size for different types of secondary storage based on the simulated execution of real programs. A general approach is indicated for(More)
As the use of virtual memory becomes more and more accepted, the problem of effective storage management becomes more and more important. To date most efforts to optimize the use of memory have been directed at devising memory management strategies at the operating system level that minimize the number of page faults. For example, Comeau has shown that the(More)
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