Juan Ramón Molina Martínez

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In this paper we present an efficient method to generate realistic simulations of extracellular recordings. The method uses a hybrid and computationally simple approach, where the features of the background noise arise naturally from its biophysical process of generation. The generated data resemble the characteristics of real recordings, as quantified by(More)
Recent studies highlighted the disagreement between the typical number of neurons observed with extracellular recordings and the ones to be expected based on anatomical and physiological considerations. This disagreement has been mainly attributed to the presence of sparsely firing neurons. However, it is also possible that this is due to limitations of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe neuronal firing patterns observed during human spontaneous interictal epileptiform discharges (IEDs) and responses to single pulse electrical stimulation (SPES). METHODS Activity of single neurons was recorded during IEDs and after SPES in 11 consecutive patients assessed with depth EEG electrodes and attached microelectrodes. (More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the budgetary impact of switching from screen-film mammography to full-field digital mammography in a population-based breast cancer screening program. METHODS A discrete-event simulation model was built to reproduce the breast cancer screening process (biennial mammographic screening of women aged 50 to 69 years) combined with the(More)
Agriculture intensification is one of the main threats to biodiversity in agricultural systems. The effectiveness of conservation strategies in these systems depends mainly on the compromise between biodiversity conservation and agricultural land use. The aim of this study was to assess the effect of land-use intensity, characteristics of linear habitats(More)
Progress made in recent years in fire science, particularly as applied to forest fire protection, coupled with the increased power offered by mathematical processors integrated into computers, has led to important developments in the field of dynamic and static simulation of forest fires. Furthermore, and similarly, econometric models applied to economic(More)
–A Radiation Source Identification and Targeting (RadSITE™) innovation has been conceptually demonstrated that remotely detects and identifies one or more Localized Gamma Sources simultaneously and also provides Azimuth Directions of each source. The innovation exploits the superior energy resolution of Cerium Doped Lanthanum Bromide (LaBr3:Ce)(More)
Assessing areas affected by forest fires requires comprehensive studies covering a wide range of analyzes. From an economic standpoint, assessing the affected area in monetary terms is crucial. Determining the degree of loss in the value of natural resources, both those of a tangible and intangible nature, enables knowing the residual value remaining after(More)
The natural visual environment is characterized by both " what/where " aspects (image features such as contrast or orientation which are defined by the relationship between visual signals simultaneously presented at different points in space) and " when " aspects, describing the temporal variations of the image features. Both " when " and " what/ where "(More)
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