Juan Ramón Luna-Orozco

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The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of treating sexually inactive bucks with artificial long photoperiod or testosterone on the induction of estrus in anovulatory grazing goats. A total of 91 multiparous mixed-breed anestrous goats were randomly assigned to one of three treatment groups: (1) joining with bucks subjected to 2.5 month of(More)
Two trials were conducted to evaluate the effect of diverse socio-sexual cues upon male sexual behavior and the reproductive performance of anestrous does (AD). Trials were conducted in northern Mexico (26°N) during the natural anestrous season (Feb-Mar) with crossbred dairy bucks. In Experiment 1, sexually inactive bucks (SIB, n=12) were randomly allotted(More)
We investigated whether LH secretion, estrous behavior and fertility would differ between sexually inexperienced and experienced anestrous goats exposed to the males. Male goats were rendered sexually active during the reproductive rest season by exposure to 2.5 months of artificial long days. Two groups of anovulatory sexually inexperienced and sexually(More)
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