Juan Ramón Avilés-Moreno

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The behavior of L-cysteine (C3H7NO2S, (2R)-2-amino-3-sulfanylpropanoic acid) in water at different pH values was analyzed both experimentally and theoretically. The behavior was studied at pH values(More)
Interfacial environments have the potential to drive unexpected events of supramolecular recognition, leading to advances in the development of novel functional materials and molecular sensing(More)
The recognition of arginine plays a central role in modern proteomics and genomics. Arginine is unique among natural amino acids due to the high basicity of its guanidinium side chain, which sustains(More)
1H-Indazole derivatives exhibit a remarkable property since some of them form chiral supramolecular structures starting from achiral monomers. The present work deals with the study of three(More)
The biochemically important interconversion process between aldoses and ketoses is assumed to take place via 1,2-enediol or 1,2-enediolate intermediates, but such intermediates have never been(More)