Juan R. Perilla

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There is an increasing dataset of solved biomolecular structures in more than one conformation and increasing evidence that large-scale conformational change is critical for biomolecular function. In this article, we present our implementation of a dynamic importance sampling (DIMS) algorithm that is directed toward improving our understanding of important(More)
A molecular understanding of how protein function is related to protein structure will require an ability to understand large conformational changes between multiple states. Unfortunately these states are often separated by high free energy barriers and within a complex energy landscape. This makes it very difficult to reliably connect, for example by(More)
Virus capsids are protein shells that package the viral genome. Although their morphology and biological functions can vary markedly, capsids often play critical roles in regulating viral infection pathways. A detailed knowledge of virus capsids, including their dynamic structure, interactions with cellular factors, and the specific roles that they play in(More)
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