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The channel capacity of the Bell Labs layered space-time (BLAST) communication architecture is substantially larger than that of traditional systems in certain applications. However, the correlation between individual channels may severely degrade the BLAST performance. An investigation is presented into the BLAST architecture and a simple formula derived(More)
The quadrature modeling technique is nowadays widely used for the nonlinear (simulation of RFr r r r rmicrowave communication circuits and systems at the behavioral system em level. It allows one to simulate the circuitr r r r rsystem performance under real-world () conditions and signals using several thousand sample frequencies and to predict such(More)
Electrical deep brain stimulation (DBS) is an efficient method to treat movement disorders. Many models of DBS, based mostly on finite elements, have recently been proposed to better understand the interaction between the electrical stimulation and the brain tissues. In monopolar DBS, clinically widely used, the implanted pulse generator (IPG) is used as(More)
A one-dimensional acoustic negative refractive index metamaterial based on the transmission line approach is presented. This structure implements the dual transmission line concept extensively investigated in microwave engineering. It consists of an acoustic waveguide periodically loaded with membranes realizing the function of series " capacitances " and(More)
—A generalized version of the weighted-averages method is presented for the acceleration of convergence of sequences and series over a wide range of test problems, including linearly and logarithmically convergent series as well as monotone and alternating series. This method was originally developed in a partition-extrapolation procedure for accelerating(More)
—In this paper, wearable antennas in close proximity of a human body are considered, focusing on portions of the frequency range between 200 MHz and 2700 MHz. In specific, non-patch type antennas with multi-band operation, light weight, easy integration with garment, low obstruction and impedances are studied. To simulate the investigated structures, an(More)
The instantaneous quadrature technique is an efficient tool for nonlinear behavioral-level simulation of RF r r r r r microwave circuits or systems over wide frequency and dynamic ranges. In order to obtain accurate simulation results, accurate approximation r r r r r () representation of the nonlinear transfer functions or factors as well as accurate(More)
—An alternative analytical approach to calculate the weakly singular free-space static potential integral associated to uniform sources is presented. Arbitrary oriented flat polygons are considered as integration domains. The technique stands out by its mathematical simplicity and it is based on a novel integral transformation. The presented formula is(More)
The optical dispersive prism is a well-studied element, which allows separating white light into its constituent spectral colors, and stands in nature as water droplets. In analogy to this definition, the acoustic dispersive prism should be an acoustic device with capability of splitting a broadband acoustic wave into its constituent Fourier components.(More)