Juan R. Mosig

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A compact representation is given of the electricand magnetic-type dyadic Green’s functions for plane-stratified, multilayered, uniaxial media based on the transmission-line network analog along the axis normal to the stratification. Furthermore, mixed-potential integral equations are derived within the framework of this transmission-line formalism for(More)
The classic weighted averages (WA) algorithm for the evaluation of Sommerfeld-like integrals is reviewed and reappraised. As a result, a new version of the WA algorithm, called generalized WA, is introduced. The new version can be considered as a generalization of the well established Hölder and Cèsaro means, used to sum divergent series. Generalized WA(More)
A one-dimensional acoustic negative refractive index metamaterial based on the transmission line approach is presented. This structure implements the dual transmission line concept extensively investigated in microwave engineering. It consists of an acoustic waveguide periodically loaded with membranes realizing the function of series “capacitances” and(More)
Electrical deep brain stimulation (DBS) is an efficient method to treat movement disorders. Many models of DBS, based mostly on finite elements, have recently been proposed to better understand the interaction between the electrical stimulation and the brain tissues. In monopolar DBS, clinically widely used, the implanted pulse generator (IPG) is used as(More)
This work presents the analysis of the influence of insulation on implanted antennas for biotelemetry applications in the Medical Device Radiocommunications Service band. Our goal is finding the insulation properties that facilitate power transmission, thus enhancing the communication between the implanted antenna and an external receiver. For this purpose,(More)
A design procedure for spherical lens antennas is described. A particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is coupled to a mode matching technique based on spherical wave expansion to analyze the lens antennas. The proposed methodology is applied to three optimization problems using real-number and binary PSO. First, the maximization of the directivity of(More)
The application of integral equation methods based in the method of moments discretization to solve large antenna arrays is difficult due to the fact that the computational requirements increase rapidly with the number of unknowns. This is critical when a frequency analysis of the antenna is required. We propose the multilevel matrix decomposition algorithm(More)
The plane wave scattering and absorption by finite and infinite gratings of free-space standing graphene strips are studied in the THz range. Both finite and infinite gratings are studied. The formulation involves modified boundary conditions imposed on the strips. We build an accurate numerical solution to this problem based on the hyper-singular integral(More)
Power-electronic inverters are becoming popular for various industrial drives applications. In recent years also high-power and medium-voltage drive applications have been installed. However, the existing solutions suffer from some important drawbacks. Hybrid asymmetric multi-level inverters promise significant improvements for medium-voltage applications.(More)