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The structure and immunocytochemistry of the adenohypophysis of sexually mature male specimens of Sparus aurata (gilthead sea bream) were studied. The adenohypophysis was composed of rostral pars distalis (RPD), proximal pars distalis (PPD), and pars intermedia (PI). In the RPD the prolactin cells were organized into follicles which occupied a very reduced(More)
Internalization and phosphorylation of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) are considered two important regulatory events of receptor signal transduction. In Fischer rat thyroid (FRT) epithelial cells, we have shown that muscarinic acetylcholine receptor (mAChR) stimulation induces intracellular Ca2+ mobilization via Ca2+ store release, capacitative Ca2+(More)
Partially purified human leukocyte (alpha) interferon was administered i.m. at a dose of 3 x 10(6) units/day to 19 patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma. Five patients (26%) showed partial responses; two patients (10.5%), objective minor responses; three patients (16%), mixed effects (evidence of biological effect with regression of some lesions but(More)
Animals suffering from malignancy or chronic infection develop characteristic metabolic abnormalities, including a well-defined hypertriglyceridemic state. These abnormalities have been attributed to release of one or more mediators from activated macrophages. We report that cancer patients receiving RIFN-gamma, a potent macrophage activator, at doses of(More)
During the course of clinical investigation of partly purified human leucocyte interferon (IFN) prepared at the Finnish Red Cross (PIF), neutralising IgG antibodies to human leucocyte IFN were detected in the sera of 3 patients with cancer. In 2 of these patients, the antibodies were detected in serum before treatment with PIF. In the third patient(More)
Identifying what factors control fire severity in large fires is critical for understanding fire impacts and planning pre- and post-fire management. Here, we determined the role of pre-fire stand structure, directional topography, and burning conditions on fire severity in a large fire (12,697 ha) in Central Spain that burned a Pinus pinaster forest on July(More)
Leukemic B cells from seven patients with hairy cell leukemia (HCL), six of which contained the Tac antigen, were assayed in vitro for growth factor-mediated cell proliferation. The HCL cells showed typical phenotypic profiles by monoclonal antibody analysis. The tumor cells, which do not grow spontaneously in vitro, were found to proliferate in all but one(More)
Glycolytic activity of five brain areas in the rat was studied under two hypothyroid states: (1) induced by low-iodine diet from weaning, and (2) induced by propylthiouracil. The areas studied were the anterior cortex, amygdala, hypothalamus, septum and hippocampus. A low-iodine diet induced a decrease of pyruvate kinase activity in three region and of(More)