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A consecutive, unselected series of 82 patients with epidural hematoma treated between 1973 and 1980 is presented. Forty-one patients were managed before the advent of computerized tomography (CT) and the other 41 after this neuroradiological method was available. Mortality and disability rates which were 29.2% and 31.7% during the pre-CT period decreased(More)
The cases of 11 patients with hydrocephalus secondary to cerebral cysticercosis are analyzed. Most of the patients had suffered from epilepsy before they developed hydrocephalic symptoms, and computerized tomography showed that infestation of the parenchyma coexisted with ventricular or cisternal colonization. In four cases, the parasitic vesicles(More)
BACKGROUND Ideal postoperative pain management requires a multidisciplinary approach in combination with a variety of dosage regimens. Approximately 21-30% of patients experience moderate to severe pain in the postoperative period, which may have a significant impact on recovery rate, standard of living, psychological health, and postoperative(More)
The authors describe four cases of subependymoma studied with computed tomography (CT) and review 18 previously reported cases in an attempt to define the most characteristic CT presentation of this rare, benign tumor. Subependymoma usually appears as an isodense, or even hypodense, intraventricular tumor on plain CT scan and shows minimal or no enhancement(More)
Eighteen children with severe head injuries and diffuse brain swelling were studied. They were separated into two groups based on the computed tomography (CT) findings. Seven patients had small ventricles in the normal location and small or absent cisterns. Eleven had these signs plus small deep-seated intraparenchymal hemorrhagic foci and/or(More)
Intravenous (IV) acetaminophen has been shown to reduce postoperative pain and opioid consumption, which may lead to increased patient satisfaction. To determine the effect IV acetaminophen has on patient satisfaction, a pooled analysis from methodologically homogenous studies was conducted. We obtained patient-level data from five randomized,(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to evaluate allergy prevalence to latex proteins in health care workers at the Laboratory and Surgery Room of Hospital CIMA Chihuahua. METHODOLOGY AND RESULTS A thorough clinical chart was recorded for all health care workers studied: hematic biometry, total IgE by ELISA method, specific IgE to latex antigen by(More)
The case of a woman with a large, mixed, cerebral arteriovenous malformation mainly involving the posterior fossa and producing a noncommunicating hypertensive hydrocephalus is reported. Relief of ventricular enlargement by means of a cerebrospinal fluid shunt unexpectedly resulted in stupor and Parinauds' syndrome. These complications were completely(More)
4513 Background: Patients with locally advanced or metastatic prostate cancer cannot be cured with any of the therapeutic tools available today. METHODS After an initial induction treatment of three months, with CPA 200 mg for two week's and then monthly depot injections of LHRH analogue (decaptyl) plus 200 mg of CPA daily in 766 patients with locally(More)