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SUMMARY An extended-release, multivesicular liposome-encapsulated form of the local anesthetic bupivacaine, DepoFoam(®) bupivacaine (proposed proprietary name EXPAREL™), is in development for use as part of a multimodal regimen for the treatment of postsurgical pain. Placebo- and active-controlled clinical trials in patients who have undergone either(More)
Intravenous (IV) acetaminophen has been shown to reduce postoperative pain and opioid consumption, which may lead to increased patient satisfaction. To determine the effect IV acetaminophen has on patient satisfaction, a pooled analysis from methodologically homogenous studies was conducted. We obtained patient-level data from five randomized,(More)
The ever-increasing parametric variations in the latest nanometer technologies pose a severe reliability challenge for VLSI design. Specifically, technology scaling leads to an increasing performance variation even when the average performance improves. The traditional VLSI design methodology requires that all computation in a logic stage complete within(More)
BACKGROUND Ideal postoperative pain management requires a multidisciplinary approach in combination with a variety of dosage regimens. Approximately 21-30% of patients experience moderate to severe pain in the postoperative period, which may have a significant impact on recovery rate, standard of living, psychological health, and postoperative(More)
Detecting vulnerabilities, including hardware Trojans, in third-party intellectual property (3PIP) is a rising security challenge for modern day System-on-Chips (SoCs). This work proposes a new approach for detecting security vulnerabilities in a SoC containing 3PIP by breaking complex security flows into fine-grained security properties which are subject(More)
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