Juan Pedro Majada

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We compared the performance of mycorrhiza-inoculated and non-inoculated radiata pine (Pinus radiata D. Don) seedlings in two field studies. In the first study, above ground growth of 2-year-old container-grown trees was compared after planting in two areas that differed in water availability. Mycorrhizal inoculation significantly improved above ground(More)
Plants perceiving drought stress activate multiple responses to synchronise developmental and molecular activities aimed at improving survival. In this study we attained a multidisciplinary approach to examine the interplay among plant morphology, physiology and proteomics for understanding the mechanisms underlying the adaptive response to drought stress.(More)
Due to the high economic importance of Pinus pinaster Ait., there is considerable interest in developing, improving and extending the use of its families for mass clonal propagation and in breeding programmes. In the current study, we evaluated shoot growth, rooting ability and mini-cuttings production of P. pinaster in response to nitrogen fertilization(More)
Understanding the survival capacity of forest trees to periods of severe water stress could improve knowledge of the adaptive potential of different species under future climatic scenarios. In long lived organisms, like forest trees, the combination of induced osmotic stress treatments and field testing can elucidate the role of drought tolerance during the(More)
The responses of juvenile plants of forest crops to drought stress are a key stage in the survival of forest populations. In this work, a suitable experimental system to study the early drought resistance mechanisms and signaling in a drought-tolerant clone (C14) of Eucalyptus globulus Labill is proposed. This system, using hydroponic culture and an osmotic(More)
Maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) is an important commercial species throughout its Atlantic distribution. With the anticipated increase in desiccation of its habitat as a result of climate change, the selection of genotypes with increased survival and growth capability under these conditions for breeding programs is of great interest for this species. We(More)
Heterozygosity-fitness correlations (HFCs) have been used to understand the complex interactions between inbreeding, genetic diversity and evolution. Although frequently reported for decades, evidence for HFCs was often based on underpowered studies or inappropriate methods, and hence their underlying mechanisms are still under debate. Here, we used 6100(More)
Pine seedling shoots undergo sharp heteroblastic changes during the early ontogenetic stages. The rate of these changes has been seen to vary between species and provenances within species, but there is a marked lack of information about its genetic control at the lower hierarchical levels. We used clonal replicates of maritime pine to determine broad-sense(More)
Eucalyptus globulus (Labill.) is used for pulp and paper production worldwide. In this report we studied changes in protein expression in one osmotically stressed elite clone widely used in industrial plantations in Spain. High molecular weight polyethylene glycol (PEG) was used as an osmoticum in the growing medium. Roots of rooted cuttings were sampled(More)
Linear regression models were constructed for chestnut beams of Spanish origin (Asturias, Galicia, Catalonia and Extremadura) using the global modulus of elasticity (MOE g ) and bending strength (MOR), both obtained by destructive tests, as dependent variables, and the results of non-destructive measurements, visual grading parameters and density as(More)