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We obtain a formula for the modulus of metric regularity of a mapping defined by a semi-infinite system of equalities and inequalities. Based on this formula, we prove a theorem of Eckart-Young type for such set-valued infinite-dimensional mappings: given a metrically regular mapping F of this kind, the infimum of the norm of a linear function g such that F(More)
Polymers with eugenol moieties covalently bonded to the macromolecular chains were synthesized for potential application in orthopedic and dental cements. First, eugenol was functionalized with polymerizable groups. The synthetic methods employed afforded two different methacrylic derivatives, where the acrylic and eugenol moieties were either directly(More)
Copolymeric systems bearing eugenol covalently linked to the macromolecular chains have been prepared and characterised in terms of thermal, rheological and in vitro behaviour. Eugenyl methacrylate (EgMA) and ethoxyeugenyl methacrylate (EEgMA) were polymerized and copolymerized with ethyl methacrylate (EMA) in a wide range of feed composition by bulk at(More)
Radiopaque bone cements have been formulated to provide injectable pastes with improved bioactivity to be applied in vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty techniques. The bioactive compound was strontium containing hydroxyapatite salt, which was introduced as obtained (SrHA) or after treatment with MMA monomer (SrHA-t). The in vitro bioactivity of the cements was(More)
The manufacturing of a composite made of a synthetic bioactive ceramic, pseudowollastonite (psW), and a bioresorbable copolymer ethylmethacrylate-vinylpyrrolidone (EMA/VP) is presented in this article. psW porous blocks were produced by dipping an open porous polyurethane foam in a psW containing slurry. A 40/60 wt % EMA/VP monomers mixture was poured on(More)