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We obtain a formula for the modulus of metric regularity of a mapping defined by a semi-infinite system of equalities and inequalities. Based on this formula, we prove a theorem of Eckart-Young type for such set-valued infinite-dimensional mappings: given a metrically regular mapping F of this kind, the infimum of the norm of a linear function g such that F(More)
Films and sponges of chitosan (CHI), chitosan/hyaluronic acid (CHI-HA) and chitosan/chondroitin sulphate (CHI-CHOS), were prepared by film deposition or lyophilization (sponges), avoiding the formation of interpolyelectrolyte complexes. The biological behaviour of the systems was analysed by studying the cell behaviour using a fibroblast cell line and(More)
This paper concerns applications of advanced techniques of variational analysis and generalized differentiation to problems of semi-infinite and infinite programming with feasible solution sets defined by parameterized systems of infinitely many linear inequalities of the type intensively studied in the preceding development [5) from our viewpoint of robust(More)
This paper is concerned with the Lipschitzian behavior of the optimal set of convex semi-infinite optimization problems under continuous perturbations of the right hand side of the constraints and linear perturbations of the objective function. In this framework we provide a sufficient condition for the metric regularity of the inverse of the optimal set(More)
Polymers with eugenol moieties covalently bonded to the macromolecular chains were synthesized for potential application in orthopedic and dental cements. First, eugenol was functionalized with polymerizable groups. The synthetic methods employed afforded two different methacrylic derivatives, where the acrylic and eugenol moieties were either directly(More)
This paper concerns applications of advanced techniques of variational analysis and generalized differentiation to parametric problems of semi-infinite and infinite programming, where decision variables run over finite-dimensional and infinite-dimensional spaces, respectively. Part I is primarily devoted to the study of robust Lipschitzian stability of(More)
In this paper we make use of subdifferential calculus and other variational techniques, traced out from [Ioffe, A.D.: Metric regularity and subdifferential calculus. Uspekhi Mat. Nauk 55, 3(333), 103–162; Engligh translation Math. Surveys 55, 501–558 (2000); Ioffe, A.D.: On rubustness of the regularity property of maps. Control cybernet 32, 543–554 (2003)],(More)