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There has been little long-term success with polytherapy for patients with refractory partial-onset epilepsy. The rational combination of antiepileptic drugs based on their mechanism of action may help improve treatment efficacy and tolerability. Lacosamide, a novel sodium channel blocker (SCB), was investigated in 158 patients with partial-onset epilepsy(More)
The main clinical, morphological, cytochemical, immunological features and therapy results of eleven patients diagnosed as acute myeloblastic leukemia M0 (AML-M0) are reported here. There were no clinical characteristics, abnormalities on physical examination or initial laboratory parameters that distinguished these eleven patients. Bone marrow aspirates(More)
A 23-year-old man diagnosed as having multiple myeloma was treated with melphalan and prednisone monthly. After six cycles, an autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation (ABSCT) was planned. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells were collected after G-CSF mobilization (5 micrograms/kg/day for 5 days). Ten days after the last dose of G-CSF the(More)
AIMS The sensitivity and specificity of a reverse transcription PCR method (RT-PCR) to detect cytokeratin K19 (CK19) expression was evaluated with the purpose of assessing its capability to detect the presence of breast cancer tumour cells in peripheral blood progenitor cell collection that had to be reinfused to breast cancer patients submitted to(More)
BACKGROUND Eslicarbazepine acetate (ESL) is a new antiepileptic drug (AED) licensed as adjunctive therapy in adults with partial-onset or focal seizures. OBJECTIVE To evaluate in a clinical practice setting the long-term efficacy and safety of ESL in patients with focal seizures. METHODS ESLIBASE was a retrospective study that included all patients with(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the characteristics of patients on whom long-term Video-EEG monitoring is performed in a specialist centre and to assess its suitability to study refractory epilepsy patients. METHODS A prospective analysis and study of Video-EEG monitoring was performed in a series of 100 refractory epilepsy patients from a single centre. The(More)
In this paper a method for the automatic DNA spots classification and extraction of profiles associated in DNA polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis is presented and it integrates the use of image processing techniques and chemometrics tools. A software which implements this method was developed; for feature extraction a combination of a PCA analysis and a(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the clinical characteristics, laboratory findings, course, treatment and survival of a series of patients with PNH. PATIENTS AND METHODS The clinical records of 21 patients diagnosed of PNH in the La Fe University Hospital between 1970 and July 1991 were revised. Positivity to Ham's and sucrose tests was the major diagnostic criterion.(More)
The use of newly developed antileukemic agents is one of the therapeutic options available to overcome clinical resistance in refractory or other high-risk acute leukemias. Carboplatin is a second-generation platinum compound that has demonstrated significant activity against acute leukemia, particularly when administered via continuous intravenous infusion(More)