Juan Pablo Pelegrín-Hernández

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In airways, a proliferative effect is played directly by cholinergic agonists through nicotinic and muscarinic receptors activation. How tumors respond to aberrantly activated cholinergic signalling is a key question in smoking-related cancer. This research was addressed to explore a possible link of cholinergic signalling changes with cancer biology.(More)
Cervical lymphatic malformation is an infrequent benign congenital malformation of the lymphatic system, whose rapid growing capacity can compromise the airway. Here we present a 3-month-old male with severe respiratory impairment showing pharyngeal, cervical and mediastinal lymphatic malformation. Transoral surgery maintaining the mucosa allowed removal of(More)
OBJECTIVES Newborn (NB) auditory deficit has a prevalence of 1-2% in the world. Since the 1990s different screening programs have been put into practice. The Newborn Hearing Screening Program has been in operation since 2002 in our hospital (HCUVA) in Murcia (Spain) and two years later it was introduced into the whole of the Autonomous Community of the(More)
Previous reports have demonstrated that a non-neuronal cholinergic system is expressed aberrantly in airways. A proliferative effect is exerted directly by cholinergic agonists through the activation of nicotinic and muscarinic receptors. In cancer, particularly those related with smoking, the mechanism through which tumour cells respond to aberrantly(More)
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