Juan Pablo Munoz

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In this workshop paper, we share the design and on-going implementation of our HRTeam framework, which is constructed to support multiple robots working with a human operator in a dynamic environment. The team is comprised of one human plus a heterogeneous set of inexpensive, limited-function robots. Although each individual robot has restricted mobility(More)
Within the context of human/multi-robot teams, the " help me help you " paradigm offers different opportunities. A team of robots can help a human operator accomplish a goal, and a human operator can help a team of robots accomplish the same, or a different, goal. Two scenarios are examined here. First, a team of robots helps a human operator search a(More)
This demonstration shows a number of useful tools that have been created by student researchers while developing a framework for experimentation in human-robot-team-based interaction and coordination. Description Our long term research goals involve exploration of shared decision-making between robot teams and human operators, interacting in real-time,(More)
Members of a multi-robot team, operating within close quarters , need to avoid crashing into each other. Simple collision avoidance methods can be used to prevent such collisions, typically by computing the distance to other robots and stopping , perhaps moving away, when this distance falls below a fixed threshold. While a simple method like this may skirt(More)
We present the initial stage of our research on Learning from Demonstration algorithms. We have implemented an algorithm based on Confident Execution, one of the components of the Confidence-Based Autonomy algorithm developed by Chernova and Veloso. Our preliminary experiments were conducted first in simulation and then using a Sony AIBO ERS-7 robot. So(More)
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