Juan Pablo Jiménez

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After increasing over more than a decade, recent studies based on household surveys data show that income inequality in Uruguay started to decline in 2008. In this study we assess whether this trend is robust to the use of novel micro-data from the recently restored Uruguayan personal income tax for the years 2009-2011. We analyze primary income and(More)
The Andrew Young School of Policy Studies was established at Georgia State University with the objective of promoting excellence in the design, implementation, and evaluation of public policy. In addition to two academic departments (economics and public administration), the Andrew Young School houses seven leading research centers and policy programs,(More)
The authors provide a perspective on how psychoanalytic process research can be implemented. This is based on a process research model described elsewhere and summarizes the kinds of studies that can be situated on the four levels of the model. The authors summarize multiple empirical studies that were performed in a completely tape-recorded psychoanalytic(More)
The author begins by characterizing the present situation of psychoanalysis as one of increasing theoretical and practical diversity. The aim of this paper is to consider in depth the impact of theoretical plurality on clinical practice. After noting that the analyst has much more than evenly suspended attention in his(2)mind as he works with his patient in(More)
The central objective of this presentation is to reflect on the obstacles involved in the task proposed by the Chicago Congress, which is to explore convergences and divergences in psychoanalytic practice. The author discusses two major obstacles. First, the epistemological and methodological problems in relation to the construction of theory in(More)
After stating that the current tasks of psychoanalytic research should fundamentally include the exploration of the analyst's mental processes in sessions with the patient, the author describes the analytical relation as one having an intersubjective nature. Seen from the outside, the analytical relation evidences two poles: a symmetric structural pole(More)
A new proposal for the diagnosis of depression Depression has a high impact on mental health. However its diagnosis is a challenge even for specialists. This problem derives from a failure in an adequate description and differentiation of the disease. This inadequate conceptualization generates these difficulties. Our thesis is that depression should be(More)
  • J P Jimenez
  • 1993
The work refers to the general topic of the traumatic effects of transference in the analytic situation. The author defines the fundamental dilemma of interpretive technique as the technical difficulty, sometimes insurmountable, faced by the therapist in the treatment of severely ill patients, particularly in the case of narcissistic, self-centred(More)