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Software component selection is growing in importance. Its success relies on correctly assessing the candidate components' quality. For a particular project, you can assess quality by identifying and analyzing the criteria that affect it. Component selection is on the suitability and completeness of the criteria used for evaluation. Experiences from(More)
In this paper we propose a taxonomy for classifying COTS business applications, i.e. products that are used in the daily functioning of all types of organizations worldwide, such as ERP systems and document management tools. We propose the identification of characterization attributes to arrange the domains which these products belong to, and also we group(More)
A street with distribution lines at a WBREDA microgrid site on Sagar Island, India. Acronyms vi Microgrids for Rural Electrification The authors of this report owe thanks firstly to the representatives of the seven micro-grid developers included in this study. Their cooperation, patience and willingness to share information made this work possible. They(More)
Agent-oriented models are frequently used in disciplines such as requirements engineering and organizational process modelling. i* is currently one of the most widespread notations used for this purpose. Due to its strategic nature, instead of a single definition, there exist several versions and variants, often not totally defined and even contradictory.(More)
Selection of commercial-off-the-shelf software components (COTS components) has a growing importance in software engineering. Unfortunately, selection projects have a high risk of ending up into abandonment or yielding an incorrect selection. The use of some software engineering practices such as the definition of quality models can reduce this risk. We(More)
Selection of software packages from user requirements is currently a central task in software engineering. Selection of inappropriate packages may compromise some business processes and may interfere negatively in the functioning of the involved organization. Success of package selection is currently endangered because of many factors, being one of the most(More)
The selection process is a crucial activity of the development of COTS-based systems. A key step of the evaluation of COTS components carried out during selection is the matching between user requirements and COTS features. We propose a goal-based approach to guide the matching process, using quality models for leveraging goals and COTS features. The(More)